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How to find a Prescriber

As a legal requirement, BOTOX® treatments must be prescribed by a suitably qualified prescriber. If you work in the aesthetics industry, you might be considering qualifying as a prescriber yourself, by completing the V300 course at one of the universities that offer it.

However, if this is not the option that you want to take, you can still provide BOTOX® treatments by working with a prescriber. When you are a course delegate at SkinViva Training, one of the many benefits you can enjoy is having access to our list of hundreds of prescribers for free, so you can find one in your local area to work with.

Our prescribers have been working with SkinViva for years, and they know that our delegates are coming to them with the highest standard of training, which means they can trust that their prescriptions are only going to be performed by qualified aesthetics practitioners.

For aesthetics practitioners who have not trained with SkinViva, there is still an option to access our list of prescribers at a fee of £299.

Find-a-BOTOX-prescriberDeciding whether to do the V300 course?

Our delegates often ask us whether it is better to do the V300 course themselves and the simple answer is that it depends on their situation. The course costs around £1,800 (this varies depending on the university) and a part-time course will typically be 8 months of studying. There are a number of universities around the country that offer the V300 course, so it should be relatively easy to find one that is close to you.

While BOTOX® treatments are required to be prescribed, dermal fillers are not, so you could still offer aesthetics treatments without the need to work with a prescriber, unless you want to offer BOTOX®.

If the study costs and amount of studying time would not suit your current situation then working with a prescriber is an easy and straightforward way of being able to provide BOTOX® treatments, so you have to decide which option is better for you.

How much do you pay a prescriber?

Typically, you would need to pay the prescriber around 10% of the treatment cost, which would eventually cost a lot more than the V300 training costs, if you continue providing BOTOX® treatments for some time.

Fortunately, you have both options to choose from, so whether you want to become a prescriber yourself, or use one of our listed prescribers, you can choose the best option for your future plans.

Find out more about prescribing by reading our FAQs, or get in touch if you would like to use our list of prescribers.

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