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A Practical Day Of Training at SkinViva

Studying with SkinViva will help you to become a skilled, qualified aesthetics practitioner and our training courses offer a number of advantages over other training provider’s courses. Our purpose-built training centre, including a treatment room, is the ideal aesthetics training environment, located in the heart of Manchester City Centre.

We often get asked what is involved on a typical day of practical training at SkinViva, so we have decided to share more details and explain all of the activities that delegates will benefit from and can look forward to when training with SkinViva.

This is what a typical day of practical training looks like:

Initial contact – getting to know each other

botox fillers theory

We start the session off with some time to get to know each other, just having a friendly chat with one another and helping to make sure everyone in the group feels comfortable asking questions. You can also help yourself with a coffee, or other complimentary drinks.

Classroom-based learning, go over the theory

SkinViva Training conference room

We then head into the classroom to dive into the theoretical aspects of the course. While the content covered in each course will vary, our expert trainers will teach you everything you need to know about the area of aesthetics you are training in. Our theory sessions are very comprehensive and designed by the top aesthetics professionals in the industry. You are provided with all the training materials you need before you attend the course, so you should be very familiar with the information and you will receive a hard copy of these on the day, so you can make plenty of notes.

Then it is straight into the practical ‘hands on’ part of the day. Lots of lovely confidence-building injecting on live models.

Fully catered lunch with drinks

After the morning theory and practical session, we take a break for a fully catered lunch, which is included in the price of the course. This is a good time to network and get to know the other delegates a bit more or ask the trainers any questions you may have.

And then it’s time for even more hands-on practice with live models throughout the afternoon.

botox fillers trainingOur trainers will walk you through every stage of how a procedure should be performed and you will inject under their expert guidance. For all of our practical training, we always use live models so that delegates get a real-life understanding of the treatments. This allows delegates to get hands-on experience which is the only way to fully learn how to safely and expertly provide aesthetics treatment.

Live models are so important to ensure that delegates can develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of the treatment, such as working with a moving patient, rather than simply practising on a mannequin, which is what many training courses from other providers will involve.

Award ceremony

passing training courseAfter an exciting day of learning, the last session of the day is the award ceremony, which is the perfect way to finish in a fun ceremony where certificates are presented to the delegates. You can take pictures with your group and with your trainer to use on your own social media to build your profile with your own clients.

At SkinViva, our training and support do not stop at the end of the training day, we are here for our training delegates throughout their aesthetics career. You will be added to our exclusive SkinViva Trained Facebook group so whenever you need some advice or want to check something, just ask in the group or give us a call or message us. It’s that easy!

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