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Enjoy All the Benefits of Being a SkinViva Training Model

If yolip enhancement courseu have had a treatment at SkinViva before, you will have first-hand experience of the outstanding quality of our treatments, from start to finish, including our excellent aftercare.

At SkinViva, all of our clinicians are fully qualified medical professionals who undertake further training to deliver aesthetics treatments, which is why we have a reputation for being the safest, most professional clinic in the area.

Our training academy is renowned for the same high standards, using the latest aesthetics technology and premium products, in our brand new premises in the heart of Manchester city Centre.

Become a model for SkinViva Training

foundation course botox fillersThere are so many benefits of becoming a SkinViva training model. As well as knowing that your treatment is being performed by a medical professional, under the supervision of an experienced aesthetics practitioner, you will also be in a comfortable environment with the highest hygiene and safety standards.

In addition to this, when you become a model for SkinViva Training Academy, you can save significant money on your treatments, while still receiving the 5* experience.

What being a SkinViva model entails

Firstly, you need to let us know which treatment(s) you are interested in having and we will contact you when the next available training session is taking place, to arrange your appointment. We will ask you to submit pictures of your face so we can assess your needs ahead of time and discuss this with you.

It is a very similar process to how you would normally have your treatment, except you will be going to the SkinViva Academy which is adjoined to the clinic.

The whole process follows the same format as a standard treatment, but you will be in a training room with trainees. The first step will be the consultation, which will be done as a training exercise with the trainer and the trainees. The trainer will ensure that all of the necessary information is provided and that you are happy to proceed.

Depending on the course you are booked onto the trainees will have completed lots of training, including theory sessions and using mannequins to practice treatments on. They will already know exactly how to safely perform the treatment.

They will draw on the marking on the area of your face to indicate where the injection will be inserted, then under the close guidance of the trainer, they will perform the treatment, in the same way, you would experience in the clinic.

The trainer and trainee will then provide you with aftercare advice. You’ll get to enjoy the results of your treatment, as well as having the option to contact us for expert aftercare guidance afterwards.

If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity to become a SkinViva training model and enjoy big savings on treatments, join our model’s Facebook group and register for the mailing list, so we can contact you when slots become available.

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