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How to Boost Your Junior Doctor Pay with Aesthetics Training


skinviva-training-junior-doctorBecoming a Junior Doctor fulfils a dream that only a small percentage of people can achieve. After years of studying, you eventually get to put your learning into practice and start making a difference. Despite the high level of responsibility you will have, a Junior Doctor’s salary is fairly modest compared to what you will be earning in the future as you progress your career.


With student loans to repay and the cost of living to afford, many Junior Doctors explore the idea of earning an additional income. As a fully qualified medical professional, one of the more lucrative options you have is to provide aesthetics treatments, following some short training.


Over recent years, a growing number of medical professionals have decided to train in aesthetics, either to boost their Junior Doctor pay or with the end goal to open their own aesthetics business.


The aesthetics industry has seen rapid growth over the last ten years, and it is an industry that is forecast to continue to grow, as cosmetic technology advances and people are increasingly able to access effective treatments that boost their confidence and wellbeing.


What does aesthetics involve?


Aesthetics treatments provide a safer, non-surgical approach to altering cosmetic appearance. This can include injecting dermal fillers to enhance or balance facial features, or it could include treating problematic skin conditions like scarring and acne.


Providing aesthetics treatments is a very rewarding job, as you can see the huge impact your treatment has on how a person feels about their appearance. When people have experienced severe acne and other conditions that affect their physical appearance, an effective aesthetics treatment can change their life through the added confidence it can give.


As well as the reward that you get from this, you will also be playing a significant part in improving the quality of aesthetics treatments across the industry. Due to a lack of regulations, unqualified people are providing aesthetics treatments and endangering their customers.


As a medical professional, once you have completed adequate aesthetics training, you will be able to provide high-quality, safe treatments in a hygienic environment, as well as administering professional aftercare guidance.


How much can I earn as an aesthetician?


The average UK Aesthetic Doctor earns over £37,000, which is around £10,000 more than a Junior Doctor’s salary. However, there is scope to earn more than this, depending on how much time you dedicate to this work. If you were to go on to open your own aesthetics business, your earning potential could be significantly more than if you progressed to become a Senior Doctor.


By taking an aesthetics training course at this point in your career, you can subsidise your current salary as well as giving yourself more career options for the future. You might find that you want more flexibility in your working life, which you can have as a self-employed aesthetician.


There are plenty of reasons to train in aesthetics, so if you are looking for a training provider that will help to boost your salary and open up more career options, our Mastery Programme will give you the aesthetics knowledge and experience you need.



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