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How Has The Pandemic Changed The Beauty Industry?

Since the pandemic first emerged, many industries have had to adapt in order to comply with lockdown restrictions and other rules, as well as ensuring adequate health and safety measures are in place to protect customers.

The beauty industry has been affected by the pandemic more than most, due to the requirement for close contact when providing beauty treatment services. Beauty and aesthetics clinics have had to navigate ever-changing rules to keep operating in the safest way possible. There have also been significant changes in consumer demand, such as an increase in online shopping and other effects of the pandemic.

These are some of the main changes that have taken place in the beauty industry due to the pandemic:

1. ‘Zoom face’ has led to an increase in treatment requests

Due to the amount of time people are spending on Zoom calls, there has been an increase in demand for injectable treatments. It is thought that seeing close-up views of the face so often has resulted in people seeking treatment to reduce wrinkles and other details that have been magnified on the computer screen.

2. More demand for medical grade facials

We have also seen lots of clients who have suffered from pandemic-related stress leading to acne breakouts. Others have complained that their skin has flared up due to the regular wearing of masks. These skin issues have medical grade facials to provide intensive exfoliation to boost skin healing and cell renewal.

There has also been an increase in people enquiring about training courses to perform chemical peels such as our half day Superficial Chemical Peel course, which shows medical professionals how to perform the treatment as it becomes more in demand. The peels can be used to effectively treat skin conditions alongside injectable treatments.

3. Growing interest in a career in aesthetics

Many people have had time to reflect on their life and career throughout the pandemic and there is an increase in medical professionals looking to achieve a better work life balance. Working as an aesthetics clinician allows people to use their medical training in a job that is often more enjoyable and less stressful.

For those who go into the medical profession because they want to help people, they can continue to so this through aesthetics. Providing high-quality aesthetics treatments can be life-changing for patients. Boosting self-confidence by treating severe acne or evening out facial features has a profound effect on people’s wellbeing, so a career in aesthetics can be very rewarding. The greater flexibility and the option to open up your own business are also major benefits of training to be an aesthetic clinician.

Our Mastery Programme is ideal for enabling medical professionals to easily transfer their skills and experience into becoming an accomplished aesthetics clinician. It is a comprehensive course combining a mix of practical courses and e-learning courses, as well as mentorship from Dr Tim and coaching from a team of industry experts.

If you are looking for the first step towards a successful career in aesthetics, you can find out more about what is included in the Mastery Programme on our website and check the upcoming dates.

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