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5 Business Tips That Will Set Your Business Apart

To develop and maintain a successful business it is important that your business model and marketing strategies enable you to win more business and compete with your main competitors.


Although the aesthetics industry is thriving and there is much demand for aesthetics treatments, if you have a lot of local competition, you need to find ways to stand out and bring more clients through your doors.


Here are five business tips that will help you to gain that competitive edge:


  1. Train in new types of treatments


If you can offer a wider range of treatments than your competitors, then you can attract more clients. Staying up to date with the latest aesthetics trends and taking new training courses will ensure that you are able to offer the most popular treatments that people are asking for.


By boosting your service offering, you can also get more repeat clients who want to try the different treatments that you offer. SkinViva has helped thousands of aesthetics businesses to widen their treatment range and attract new clients as well as increasing the number of repeat clients. We provide high-quality training on the most in-demand aesthetics treatments as well as innovative, newer ones that will soon become the most requested.


  1. Build a strong social media marketing strategy


Marketing is crucial to the success of your business and in the aesthetics industry, social media is a very powerful marketing channel. As well as costing nothing to set up social accounts for your business, social media is a great way to reach a large audience.


Aesthetics clinics can use before and after photos on social media to show the impact of specific treatments, which will help to generate new clients. You should aim to publish regular posts and updates every week to keep your followers engaged with your business. Advertising offers or competitions on social media is a good way to increase your following and encourage your followers to use your services.


  1. Learn how to introduce pricing increases and keep your customers


A lot of aesthetics business owners worry about setting prices too high and losing clients to cheaper competitors. In this industry, a large proportion of clients are more concerned about the quality of the results than the price. If they know that they are going to have a safe and high-quality treatment performed by a fully qualified clinician in a hygienic, well-equipped clinic, they would rather do this than pay less for a sub-standard service and clinic.


Dr Tim Pearce goes into more detail about pricing and how to make sure your business does not get negatively affected by cheap practitioners flooding the aesthetics market in this video.


  1. Improve your branding


Having a professional looking logo is very important to raise awareness of your brand and to set the impression that you want people to have about your business. It does not usually cost much to have a professional graphic designer to create a logo for you that you can then use across all channels, including clinic signage, website logo, social media business pages and on printed marketing such as flyers. Getting business cards printed is also a good idea, as you can give them to clients so that they have your details to ring and make another appointment.


  1. Deliver an excellent service


A lot of business in the aesthetics industry is generated by word of mouth. People tell their friends and acquaintances about their experiences with local businesses, so making sure you deliver an excellent service should underpin your marketing strategy. A great service will also lead to excellent feedback on online review pages, which is also very important in attracting new clients.


To ensure that you are providing a higher quality service than your competitors, having the highest quality of training is key. SkinViva Academy can provide you with the skills, knowledge and support to deliver the best possible service to your clients.


See our range of aesthetics courses to help boost your business.

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