Aesthetic Services You’ll Want to Provide In 2022 Aesthetic Services You’ll Want to Provide In 2022 - SkinViva Training Academy

Aesthetic Services You’ll Want to Provide In 2022

According to the internet, there are 100s of courses on aesthetic treatments which medical professionals are currently enjoying, to become more proficient in the world of aesthetic treatments. Here at SkinViva, we have the benefit of having an aesthetics clinic attached to our academy and we so see the day-to-day demand for various services and we understand what you should offer in your clinic.

Top 3

BOTOX® & Derma Fillers 

Towards the end of 2021, Dermal Fillers become of the most asked for treatments in a clinic across the UK and they are still on the rise. Whether a client wants to remove forehead lines or increase cheek volume we have a course that delivers the knowledge you need.Skinviva Training Academy

For medically trained professionals, we have our foundation course in BOTOX® & Derma Fillers, a perfect start for you to get on the aesthetics ladder.

Check out the following link to get yourself booked onto a course today!

SkinViva also offers advanced courses to those practitioners that have achieved the foundation levels. We want to ensure that every student of ours is fully confident in the work they are offering to clients.

Find out more about our advanced BOTOX® course


Although micro-needling was not introduced to the world that long ago, it has been gaining popularity in recent years, with its ability to improve the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles

Our medical micro-needling course is perfect for advanced medical professional who wants to grow their skills portfolio and learn new treatments to offer.

Find out more about our medical micro-needling course today!

Chemical Peel stated in 2021 that the chemical peel industry is set to grow by 50% by 2024 and they are not wrong. More than ever clients of all ages are coming into the clinic to book chemical peels.

SkinViva Training Academy offers a superficial chemical peel course perfect for all medically trained professionals that are wanting to keep in line with the latest trend and learn the most modern industrial techniques.

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The Up & Up 

One other treatment that is becoming increasingly popular is Radio Frequency treatment (RFT). RFT is using radio frequency on the skin to approve the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles.

SkinViva Training Academy

We are at the front of modern clinician training, ensuring that every student that steps through our door is a medically trained professional, learning new skills and attributes to allow them to go out into the world of aesthetics.

Find out what courses we can offer you today to increase your portfolio and knowledge in the aesthetics world.

Alternatively, call 0161 850 2491 NOW and speak to one of the fully trained and qualified members of staff to help you start or advance your journey in the field of aesthetics.

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