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Are you using the best industry methods?

To provide the safest and most effective aesthetic treatments, it is important to stay informed about the latest products and equipment to use to enable you to deliver the highest quality of treatments.

As a skilled aesthetics practitioner, you should be trained to administer injections in the safest, and most pain-free way. The cannula technique is considered the best method for injecting fillers by most experts in the industry. The cannula technique is relatively new to the industry but with so many benefits, it is already widely regarded as the best way to provide filler injections.


Why use the cannula technique?

The top advantage of using the cannula technique is to avoid ripping the epidermis layer of the skin, which means that it is less painful for the client, and is also easier to administer. The design of the cannula has a round tip, and the technique ensures that only one injection point is needed. Due to the single injection point, there will be less bruising or downtime and the chance of side effects is minimised.


Cannula: Tips & Tricks


Practice makes perfect

The best way to become an expert at any technique is to practice as much as possible. At SkinViva, our training courses use live models, so our delegates can practice with a real-life scenario, as opposed to using a silicone mannequin model head. This allows you to get used to performing the treatment with different skin types and also ensures a deeper knowledge of the anatomical structure of the area where the injection is being administered to.

Another benefit of practising with a live model is that you can get used to problems such as your model moving and you will also be more aware of potential side effects.


Use a blunt tip

It is better to use a tip that is blunter so that it is less likely to cause damage to the skin. There should be no sharp end, so the technique should be pain-free and more comfortable for the client compared to using a needle.


Find the right size for the treatment

Cannulas come in different sizes of 18, 22, 25, 27 and 30 gauge and different length options, so you should use the correct size of cannula depending on which treatment you are administering.

For fillers of medium concentration, you would usually be best choosing the 27 gauge, but the manufacturer instructions should include the recommended size to use depending on the procedure type. The 27G x 38mm is suitable for most facial indications, although, for more precise work, a 27G x 25mm is generally a better choice. Before administering fillers with a cannula you should be well adapted with the most appropriate sizes to choose for the procedures you offer.

If you want to know more about cannula as a way of injecting check out this video from our very own Dr.Tim.



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When you train with SkinViva Training Academy, we teach a range of different techniques and advise which procedures are most suited to each, so that practitioners can adapt their services to suit the needs of the client.


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