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Choosing an Injectable Aesthetics Training Course

injectable aesthetics trainingChoosing the right training course is one of the most important decisions you can make when starting out in aesthetics.

The training experience can be the difference to be embarking on treatments with confidence and feeling woefully unprepared for the realities.

It’s a big investment and you want to make the right choice, but in reality, there’s no such thing as the ‘best’ course. It’s more about what’s ‘best for you’.

Thinking about what you want to achieve through training is a good place to start. What are your objectives, hopes and desires? Do you want a broad introduction or are you looking to commit to a whole programme of learning? Are there specific treatments that you want to explore or do you want to offer a whole range of options for your clients? Are you concerned about aesthetic results, safe treatments that minimise complications, or both? Theoretical learning or practical skills, or a combination?

There is a plethora of training courses to choose from and understanding what you’re trying to achieve will help you make the right choice and not be swayed by things that don’t really matter to you. Consider your goals for the course, your budget, and your schedule. Here are a few points to help…

10 things to look for in a BOTOX/dermal fillers training course

  1. Medical vs non-medical:
    If you’re already medically qualified, you may be surprised to find out that many training providers welcome non-medics, including beauticians and even those with no relevant background at all. If you want to train at a higher level with like-minded professionals, then choose a provider who only offers training to medically qualified personnel, like SkinViva Training Academy.
  2. Accreditation:
    Look for a training course that is accredited, so that you earn CPD points to enhance your credentials and show continuing professional development.
  3. Course content:
    Check to see what topics that will be covered in the course. Course content could cover all sorts of diverse aspects of injectable aesthetics, from facial anatomy of the face and different injection techniques to managing complications, patient consultation skills and even advice on setting up a business. Make sure that the course covers the topics that you are interested in.
  4. Hands-on training:
    Choose a training course that offers hands-on training and practical experience with real patients under the supervision of experienced trainers. Not all providers use live models, yet we believe that this is vital. No dummy can replicate a real live human body. Check that you will have enough hands-on experience to feel confident performing injectable aesthetics procedures in ‘real life’.
  5. Experience and expertise of trainers:
    It is important to choose a training course that is taught by experienced and knowledgeable trainers who have years of experience in the field of injectable aesthetics. This will ensure that you will receive the best possible training. At SkinViva Training Academy, all our Clinician Trainers are medically qualified with additional training and extensive experience in aesthetics.
  6. View the school or training facility:
    It’s well worth looking at photos or videos of the school or training facility to get a feel for the place. You would want to see a professional, clean and well-organised environment where you can feel comfortable while learning.
  7. Cost:
    While cost should not be the only factor in choosing a training course, it is important to ensure that the course is reasonably priced and provides good value for money. The cost of injectable aesthetics training courses can vary widely. Be sure to ask about the cost of the course and what is included in the price.
  8. Payment options:
    Many schools and training facilities offer financing options, but schemes can vary. Some require onerous credit checks. Some are essentially loans on which interest may be payable. At SkinViva Training Academy, clients can pay in full or spread the cost at no extra charge. Be sure to find out about the payment options before you enrol in a course.
  9. Reputation and reviews:
    If you know any other medical professionals in the aesthetics industry, ask them who they would recommend for injectable aesthetics training. Get their feedback on providers and courses.
    You can also check out the providers’ reviews. Reputable review platforms include Google, Trustpilot and Facebook. See what ratings past delegates have left. Their comments provide a real insight too.
  10. Post-course support:
    Choose a course that offers ongoing support and mentorship to help you develop your skills and experience after completing the course. SkinViva Training Academy delegates are supported for life through our unique trainee network and forum.

BOTOX and Fillers Training Manchester

SkinViva Training Academy offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatment training courses for medical professionals such as suitably qualified and registered medical professionals who wish to learn and build on their skills in delivering these procedures. For more information, please feel to browse our latest availability.

SkinViva Training Academy was established by Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP in 2013 after he set up SkinViva in 2008 – an aesthetic treatment business which now covers the North West of England.

For further information, to discuss which course is right for you, to enquire about availability or to book a training course please call 0161 850 2491, or email

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