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7 Referral Strategies for Medical Aesthetics Businesses

Building a Buzz

aesthetics patient referralsReferrals are a golden ticket for any business and medical aesthetics is no different. Referrals bring in qualified leads who are already primed and interested in your services, thanks to the positive word-of-mouth from a trusted source.

So how do your patients become that ‘trusted source’?

First and foremost, it’s important to get the service right for every single client. Why? Because when you meet their expectations there is a high chance that they’ll visit again for future treatments. What’s more, when you exceed their expectations, they not only become a loyal client but also are more likely to refer their friends and family.

Acquiring a new client is a tremendous compliment which indicates your patients trust you not only for their own treatments but also trust you enough to recommend you to other people.

7 Referral Strategies

Patient referrals are invaluable to the business. Here are some key strategies to cultivate a thriving referral program:

  1. The Power of the Ask:
    Don’t be shy! Simply asking satisfied clients for referrals is a powerful first step. There are a number of opportunities for this including during treatment itself, while reviewing results or at followup/aftercare (if applicable). It is best when it flows naturally as part of conversation e.g. ‘So pleased you’re happy with the results, you really do look great and we’re pleased too! We’d be happy to welcome any referrals from you.’
    Don’t worry about forcing it on all patients, but if you’ve had a good rapport and achieved a good result, it is often surprisingly easy to go the next step and ask for referrals – plus, it gets easier with practice!
  2. Social Media:
    Some clients are delighted to share their results on social media. This can be a great source of new business as potential clients see ‘real results’ on someone they know personally. Ask your clients if they’d mind tagging you, mentioning or including a link to your website. They can also leave reviews on Facebook, which is a great public endorsement of your business.
  3. Express Gratitude:
    If you get a new client through recommendation, a simple “thank you” to the referrer goes a long way. Acknowledge referrals with a personal message and ensure both the referring client and the new client feel valued.
  4. Track and Analyse:
    Even for a very small business, it’s worth tracking referrals so that you can learn what works best. What type of client, what means of requesting the referral and whether rewards have any impact. Use this data to continually refine your activity going forward.
  5. Incentivise Sharing:
    A little nudge can go a long way and some clinics use referral programs with rewards for both the referrer and the new client. This could be vouchers, discounts, products or even a loyalty point system.
  6. Make it Easy:
    Friction is the enemy of referrals, so think about how you can make it easy. You could provide clients with physical referral cards or a leaflet that they can easily share with friends and family – even a unique digital referral code if that suits you. You may even want to put together a simple referral form that they can fill in or take away at the end of their treatment.
  7. Partnerships:
    Consider partnering with complementary businesses like yoga studios or hair salons for cross- referrals. This can open up new client bases who are already interested in self-care and aesthetics. You may have suitable businesses close by or even know people within your personal network.

Working on patient referrals builds on the trust and confidence your patients have in you and your treatments. Many aesthetics business stories are testament to the power of referral and recommendation from their clients.

Medical Aesthetics Business Training

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