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Working for SkinViva Training & SkinViva

SkinViva Training was established in 2013 by Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP, who established sister company of SkinViva Ltd in 2008 offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments to clients in the North West. Working for our team means:

  • Genuinely great colleagues and working environment in our gorgeous Castlefield clinic
  • Quality training about our exciting treatments, how they work, all the amazing things they can do
  • Opportunities to progress in a dynamic, fast-paced, fast-growing business
  • With so many satisfied customers, you’ll get real job satisfaction contributing to SkinViva Training’s goals
  • Heavily discounted staff treatments

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Sales Consultant – SkinViva Training

Permanent, full time

  • Castlefield, Manchester
  • From £20k per annum dependent on experience, plus uncapped commission
  • 20 days per year pro rata (plus bank holidays) plus the option to buy up to 3 additional days; day off for your birthday

About the Role

  • Achieve sales targets through booking of inbound leads from medical professionals seeking training in Botox and dermal filler treatments.
  • Nurture ongoing relationships with previous delegates to provide ad-hoc support & identify additional sales opportunities for advanced training.
  • Generate and develop ways to attract sales enquiries to the training school including exploring new sales channels and marketing ideas, including web-based, social media, and traditional means.
  • Contribute to the day-to-day communications on all social media channels in order to regularly engage audience and ensure prompt replies are given.
  • Contribute ideas to marketing campaigns to attract new leads and encourage repeat business from previous delegates.
  • Identify PR opportunities for the training school by regularly monitoring media news stories, monitoring regulatory environment, and engaging suppliers/contacts for ideas.
  • Assist in the creation of engaging content including blogs, newsletters, special offers, articles, and press releases.
  • Carry out market research to identify new customer segments & develop new products.
  • Identify opportunities to establish new business-to-business relationships which could generate sales enquiries.
  • Identify new training course opportunities and managing the end-to-end development of the course through to delivering to market.
  • Carry out proactive research and monitor regulatory environment and any compliance requirements.
  • Lead training school sales events and workshops to educate delegates on various topics and encourage repeat sales.
  • Proactively encourage positive reviews and share reviews across team and across web channels and social media.
  • Carry out ad-hoc project work at the request of the management and leadership team.

The Person

  • Minimum 1 year’s sales experience required.
  • You live to close a deal – sales is in your blood and you know this because of how it makes you feel each and every time you make a sale. You don’t give up on a worthy sale until you’ve thoroughly explored all possibilities for how you can meet the needs of the lead.
  • Adapting your style – you understand that everyone is different and you can easily adapt your style of selling to suit the person whatever their personality and walk of life they come from.
  • Look beyond the ‘now’ – you’re always looking into the future to ensure the team stays once step ahead with exploring the newest ideas, responding to the market and staying organised.
  • Team player – you genuinely find happiness working with a team – supporting your colleagues with extra help when they need it and knowing how to collaborate in groups to get the best from each other’s skills.
  • Articulate – you’re a natural at picking up the lingo and talking confidently to a range of leads including nurses, GPs, dentists, and consultant surgeons.
  • A passion for what we do – you have an interest in our industry & a thirst for learning about all that we achieve for our customers.
  • An inquisitive mind – you have a curiosity to find out more and build your understanding of how things work. You’re eager to read up on a topic and can quickly digest what it might mean for the organisation and people around you.
  • Attention to detail – you care about getting things 100% correct in your work instinctively checking things over to put right any errors.


To apply, please email us with

  1. Your latest CV (curriculum vitae)
  2. A cover letter explaining how your work and life experience matches what we’re looking for and why you want to work for us

Applications close at 6pm on Friday 27th July 2018.

Project Manager

Permanent, full time

Castlefield, Manchester
£30k-£40k dependent upon experience

SkinViva, SkinViva Training, Dr Tim Pearce

About the Role

We’re a fast-growing, lively SME running a clinic and a professional training school who are BURSTING with ideas for growth but in need of someone who can take ownership of each concept to MAKE.IT.HAPPEN. This is a very hands-on Project Manager role focussed on growth and new opportunities (e.g. new service/product development, territory expansion, business systems/process improvement). You’ll work at a fast-pace at all levels of the business, working both internally and externally, and with an expectation to deliver real results in real-time. We’ve already nick-named this role as our ‘Master Builder’ (yes, from the Lego movie) – Google ‘The LEGO Movie “I am a Master Builder!”’ and watch the YouTube video to get the jist.

SkinViva offers you

  • Salary – £30k-£40k dependent upon experience.
  • Holiday – 22 days paid holiday plus your birthday as a paid holiday plus an
    option to purchase up to 3 additional days holiday.

Key Responsibilities

  • Take a concept idea and scope it out to get the team clear on the desired outcomes, approach, main chunks of work, and feasibility of the project (including key project documentation e.g. PID).
  • Create and live-by project plans which let the Board of Directors know you’ve got things under control and will be delivering on time, scope, cost and quality.
  • Maintain a company-wide view of all live and upcoming projects to plan resources and keep the whole team up-to-date and engaged.
  • Prioritise the work for your project team and monitor the work to ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • Set out the tangible benefits of each project you manage and evidence the realisation of those benefits post go-live.
  • Consult and bring the wider team along with you regarding what’s happening in each project with updates on progress, risks, upcoming milestones, and tracking of benefits.
  • Attend and organise key governance meetings which link strategic objectives to project progress to operational impacts.

Who you are:

  • Embrace Change. You’re bored by ‘business-as-usual’ because you get your kicks from the art-of-the possible, dreaming about what could be achieved with so many new ideas.
  • Outcomes Driven and Gritty. You are laser focused on your goal and are motivated by the outcome it will deliver for the business. You never stop coming up with ways to overcome hurdles in your way.
  • Analytical. You weigh up solutions in a balanced manner to take account of all possible outcomes, clearly seeing the intended and unintended consequences of each chosen path.
  • Seeker. You don’t wait for life to happen. You get out there and make it happen by investigating possibilities, bringing people together, and seeking out new contacts.
  • Shaper. You organise the right resources and structure to bring ideas to life with everyone on the journey with you with consistent right focus, motivation and communication which grabs attention.
  • High Energy. You light up even the dullest of meeting topics with your bouncy personality and personal drive to cut down hurdles, spin multiple plates, and help the team to achieve their project goals.
  • Organisational Beast. You’ve got it all written down, planned out, and you’re always thinking about what’s coming up next whilst keeping the project team focussed on the same goals.
  • Flexible. You may be expected to work additional and flexible hours to meet tight deadlines and to work away from the office depending on the project’s requirements.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Degree-level. You have a minimum 2:1 degree
  • PRINCE2 (or equivalent). You’ve proven your dedication to the cause having completed a recognised project management qualification to demonstrate your understanding of project governance and life
  • Proven Track Record. Minimum 3 years’ experience managing cross-departmental projects.
  • Small Business Friendly. We’re small but pack a big punch however there’s no dedicated project team so
    you’ll draw your resource and subject matter expertise straight from our operational teams.


To apply, please email your CV and covering letter to Lee Cottrill, Business Development Director on leecottrill@skinviva.com.

Clinical Supervisors

Could you be a Clinical Supervisor for us?

  • SkinViva Training are recruiting associate Clinical Supervisors across the UK
  • Clinical Supervisors are needed to teach and reinforce practical skills in consulting and treating patients with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers and to verify (through specified evidence) that our students have carried out and observed a minimum number of treatments under supervision
  • Acting as a Clinical Supervisor contributes to your own CPD which may help gain you exemption from elements of the Level 7 qualification when you do it yourself
  • You can do as much or as little as you like and operate from your own premises
  • You set your own rates and the student pays you directly
  • There are criteria you must meet to be a Clinical Supervisor (listed below)

Quick link – ‘How to Apply’ with details of documents required


In 2017, SkinViva Training will launch a new OfQual post-graduate certificate called the Level 7 ‘Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine’. This new gold standard will validate aesthetic clinicians as experienced, qualified injectors of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers in the eyes of the UK’s qualification regulator (OfQual).

This new qualification is not required in law but we believe it is rapidly becoming seen as the most relevant and best hands-on practical qualification that exists today due to its industry focus on those working in the aesthetics sector as opposed to a more traditional academic route offered by universities.

Why Clinical Supervision?

As part of us offering the Level 7 qualification, all our students must undertake clinical practice to gain their post-graduate certificate. The requirements are that a student must:

  • Observe 10 botulinum toxin treatments
  • Observe 10 dermal filler treatments
  • Administer 10 botulinum toxin treatments
  • Administer 10 dermal filler treatments

What do you need to be a Clinical Supervisor?

  1. Be a registered doctor, dentist, independent pharmacist prescriber, or independent nurse / midwife prescriber with a current professional registration
  2. Have carried out a minimum of 75 botulinum toxin procedures and 75 dermal filler procedures OR have a minimum of 3 years treating with botulinum toxin or dermal fillers (irrespective of the number of procedures you’ve carried out)
  3. 25 hrs of CPD in aesthetics within the last 12 months
  4. A valid professional indemnity insurance certificate
  5. A teaching qualification, which could include: Level 3 Award in Education and Training, PTLLS, DTLLS, being a GP Trainer, a “teach the teacher” course, a postgraduate certificate in teaching in higher education etc. (Your teaching certificate can be generic and may originate from various sources including teaching at work or lecturing. A short eLearning course which we recommend is at the following link with a discount available if you mention SkinViva Training https://www.eln.io/course/19/level-3-award-in-education-and-training).

How will it work?

  1. You send us your documents so we can review your experience and get you
    approved with OfQual’s appointed representatives
  2. Once approved, we add you to a secure area on our website
  3. Student comes and completes an initial hands-on practical training day with SkinViva Training
  4. Student then accesses the secure area on the website & contacts you to discuss your availability, your fees, and to plan their clinical supervision sessions with you
  5. Student attends your premises on the agreed dates/times to undertake the work
  6. For the 20 observed procedures (10 bot. toxin and 10 dermal filler), we recommend that the student simply observes you carrying out your normal aesthetics clinic
  7. For the 20 administered procedures (10 bot. toxin and 10 dermal filler), the student understands they supply the patients, product and consumables
  8. Before and after photos are recorded for ALL 40 procedures (including both observed and administered treatments) to go into the student’s portfolio of evidence which you will sign off along with a reference
  9. Student submits their completed portfolio of evidence to SkinViva Training

What will I cover with the student?

  • Show how treatment plans are put together based on the requirements of the patient.
  • Demonstrate and support learning on how to carry out a consultation in aesthetics.
  • Oversee and teach a range of toxin and dermal filler procedures and techniques to enhance the learning of the student.
  • Ensure the informed consent process is taught and carried out for the procedure and for clinical photography. Consent must be retained for student portfolio.
  • Demonstrate a real-life aesthetics clinic setting to build understanding of the student for what it’s like to work in this sector.
  • Provide a reference (required to qualify in injectables) for the student.

Key Things To Note

  • Before/after photos are compulsory and you’ll need to sign a reference confirming completion of observations and completion of student administering treatments
  • The procedures must be botulinum toxin AND/OR dermal filler (other aesthetics treatments do not count for the student towards this qualification)
  • All facial procedures are valid but the student may wish to focus more attention on certain ones which are to be negotiated with you as supervisor. We recommend however that the student focus on the foundation/basic treatments before moving on to advanced treatments at this stage of their learning.
  • SkinViva Training have a 1 year time limit on a student completing their portfolio of evidence (which starts from the date of their initial Level 7 training day at SkinViva)
  • A patient can count as 2 procedures for the student IF the patient is having BOTH toxin AND dermal filler
  • When supplying their own models, students will supply product and consumables (unless you agree otherwise)
  • A student can work with more than one Clinical Supervisor so there’s no pressure for you to complete all the requirements for any one student if your availability becomes limited or circumstances change
  • Some students may wish to work with you in a pair (i.e. with another student) because one student can complete their observations whilst the other one administers under supervision – you may wish to consider charging a higher fee for this


To apply, please contact us including the documents listed below to info@skinvivatraining.com

What do you need to send us?

  1. CV – an up-to-date CV which indicates the time you’ve been in aesthetics
  2. Logbook – (only required if you DON’T have 3 years experience in aesthetics) a log of the treatments you’ve carried out demonstrating you’ve completed at least 75 botulinum toxin treatments and 75 dermal filler treatments
  3. CPD – an up-to-date CPD log showing a minimum 25 hours of aesthetics learning/development (see Appendix 1 for CPD examples for your log)
  4. Professional Registration Number e.g. NMC PIN, GMC number etc
  5. Address of premises – where you would be carrying out the supervision
  6. Teaching qualification – a copy of your teaching qualification/certificate

Download a pdf

Click the button to download a document about becoming a clinical supervisor

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