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Working for SkinViva Training & SkinViva

SkinViva Training was established in 2013 by Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP, who established sister company of SkinViva Ltd in 2008 offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments to clients in the North West. Working for our team means:

  • Genuinely great colleagues and working environment in our gorgeous Castlefield clinic
  • Quality training about our exciting treatments, how they work, all the amazing things they can do
  • Opportunities to progress in a dynamic, fast-paced, fast-growing business
  • With so many satisfied customers, you’ll get real job satisfaction contributing to SkinViva Training’s goals
  • Heavily discounted staff treatments

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Digital Comms Assistant

Permanent, full time

Castlefield, Manchester

Medical aesthetics – sounds a bit ominous, right?! Wrong!

Our team are leading the industry in patient centred care. We treat and train people from all over the world, and we’re raising the bar by doing things the right way at scale.

We’re looking for someone who would like to play a role in changing an industry through spreading excellence in skill, customer service and ethics through training and by example.

That’s why this is a pivotal role in helping the company further expand to help increase our marketing activity. We’re full of innovative ideas that will put our brands ahead of the industry, but we need your help to tell our story!

Yes, we’ve got 3 companies to market – our leading clinic (and where it all started) SkinViva, our aesthetics training school, SkinViva Training and Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce’s international elearning platform.

So, who are we looking for?…

You are:

  • A beast at organisation and juggling tasks
  • Keen to make a real impact with your time
  • Hungry to learn the ropes of digital communication and be part of a growing team.

You know:

  • Your way around social media and how to build relationships online
  • The basic SEO principles in writing blog copy
  • That a small business needs all hands-on deck

You excel at:

  • Adapting your skills to changes in the industry
  • Learning quickly in a fast-paced environment
  • Attention to detail

But most of all, you’re eager to:

  • Build your skills in all kinds of media
  • Get stuck in on organising and prioritising tasks
  • Be a key part in helping a small business grow!

You don’t need to have years of experience; this position is a Junior role and will be the backbone of our marketing team. In fact, we’re really keen for you to bring your flavour and knowledge to SkinViva, whilst adapting to our way of thinking and working.

Ideal candidates will have either worked in a previous digital or copywriting role, have graduated from uni with a Marketing degree or be a blogger with a strong following.


To apply, please email your CV and covering letter to Justine on justinegribbin@skinviva.com.

Clinical Supervisors

Could you be a Clinical Supervisor for us?

  • SkinViva Training are recruiting associate Clinical Supervisors across the UK
  • Clinical Supervisors are needed to teach and reinforce practical skills in consulting and treating patients with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers and to verify (through specified evidence) that our students have carried out and observed a minimum number of treatments under supervision
  • Acting as a Clinical Supervisor contributes to your own CPD which may help gain you exemption from elements of the Level 7 qualification when you do it yourself
  • You can do as much or as little as you like and operate from your own premises
  • You set your own rates and the student pays you directly
  • There are criteria you must meet to be a Clinical Supervisor (listed below)

Quick link – ‘How to Apply’ with details of documents required


In 2017, SkinViva Training will launch a new OfQual post-graduate certificate called the Level 7 ‘Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine’. This new gold standard will validate aesthetic clinicians as experienced, qualified injectors of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers in the eyes of the UK’s qualification regulator (OfQual).

This new qualification is not required in law but we believe it is rapidly becoming seen as the most relevant and best hands-on practical qualification that exists today due to its industry focus on those working in the aesthetics sector as opposed to a more traditional academic route offered by universities.

Why Clinical Supervision?

As part of us offering the Level 7 qualification, all our students must undertake clinical practice to gain their post-graduate certificate. The requirements are that a student must:

  • Observe 10 botulinum toxin treatments
  • Observe 10 dermal filler treatments
  • Administer 10 botulinum toxin treatments
  • Administer 10 dermal filler treatments

What do you need to be a Clinical Supervisor?

  1. Be a registered doctor, dentist, independent pharmacist prescriber, or independent nurse / midwife prescriber with a current professional registration
  2. Have carried out a minimum of 75 botulinum toxin procedures and 75 dermal filler procedures OR have a minimum of 3 years treating with botulinum toxin or dermal fillers (irrespective of the number of procedures you’ve carried out)
  3. 25 hrs of CPD in aesthetics within the last 12 months
  4. A valid professional indemnity insurance certificate
  5. A teaching qualification, which could include: Level 3 Award in Education and Training, PTLLS, DTLLS, being a GP Trainer, a “teach the teacher” course, a postgraduate certificate in teaching in higher education etc. (Your teaching certificate can be generic and may originate from various sources including teaching at work or lecturing. A short eLearning course which we recommend is at the following link with a discount available if you mention SkinViva Training https://www.eln.io/course/19/level-3-award-in-education-and-training).

How will it work?

  1. You send us your documents so we can review your experience and get you
    approved with OfQual’s appointed representatives
  2. Once approved, we add you to a secure area on our website
  3. Student comes and completes an initial hands-on practical training day with SkinViva Training
  4. Student then accesses the secure area on the website & contacts you to discuss your availability, your fees, and to plan their clinical supervision sessions with you
  5. Student attends your premises on the agreed dates/times to undertake the work
  6. For the 20 observed procedures (10 bot. toxin and 10 dermal filler), we recommend that the student simply observes you carrying out your normal aesthetics clinic
  7. For the 20 administered procedures (10 bot. toxin and 10 dermal filler), the student understands they supply the patients, product and consumables
  8. Before and after photos are recorded for ALL 40 procedures (including both observed and administered treatments) to go into the student’s portfolio of evidence which you will sign off along with a reference
  9. Student submits their completed portfolio of evidence to SkinViva Training

What will I cover with the student?

  • Show how treatment plans are put together based on the requirements of the patient.
  • Demonstrate and support learning on how to carry out a consultation in aesthetics.
  • Oversee and teach a range of toxin and dermal filler procedures and techniques to enhance the learning of the student.
  • Ensure the informed consent process is taught and carried out for the procedure and for clinical photography. Consent must be retained for student portfolio.
  • Demonstrate a real-life aesthetics clinic setting to build understanding of the student for what it’s like to work in this sector.
  • Provide a reference (required to qualify in injectables) for the student.

Key Things To Note

  • Before/after photos are compulsory and you’ll need to sign a reference confirming completion of observations and completion of student administering treatments
  • The procedures must be botulinum toxin AND/OR dermal filler (other aesthetics treatments do not count for the student towards this qualification)
  • All facial procedures are valid but the student may wish to focus more attention on certain ones which are to be negotiated with you as supervisor. We recommend however that the student focus on the foundation/basic treatments before moving on to advanced treatments at this stage of their learning.
  • SkinViva Training have a 1 year time limit on a student completing their portfolio of evidence (which starts from the date of their initial Level 7 training day at SkinViva)
  • A patient can count as 2 procedures for the student IF the patient is having BOTH toxin AND dermal filler
  • When supplying their own models, students will supply product and consumables (unless you agree otherwise)
  • A student can work with more than one Clinical Supervisor so there’s no pressure for you to complete all the requirements for any one student if your availability becomes limited or circumstances change
  • Some students may wish to work with you in a pair (i.e. with another student) because one student can complete their observations whilst the other one administers under supervision – you may wish to consider charging a higher fee for this


To apply, please contact us including the documents listed below to info@skinvivatraining.com

What do you need to send us?

  1. CV – an up-to-date CV which indicates the time you’ve been in aesthetics
  2. Logbook – (only required if you DON’T have 3 years experience in aesthetics) a log of the treatments you’ve carried out demonstrating you’ve completed at least 75 botulinum toxin treatments and 75 dermal filler treatments
  3. CPD – an up-to-date CPD log showing a minimum 25 hours of aesthetics learning/development (see Appendix 1 for CPD examples for your log)
  4. Professional Registration Number e.g. NMC PIN, GMC number etc
  5. Address of premises – where you would be carrying out the supervision
  6. Teaching qualification – a copy of your teaching qualification/certificate

Download a pdf

Click the button to download a document about becoming a clinical supervisor

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