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Aesthetics Mastery Programme

What does the Aesthetics Mastery Programme aim to do & what does the course cover?

This first of its kind programme aims to create Master Clinicians through a programme which aims for Mastery using 5 core clinical pillars and 3 core business domains which allow them to bring those skills to the people who need it.

7 Practical Courses

Core Aesthetics Skills

10 eLearning Courses

Online Tuition

CPD Points

Achievable Potential

Key Mentorship

Sessions with Dr Tim

Holistic Learning

For Medical Aestheticians


& Peer Learning


Learning Management System


& Marketing Training

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“Harmonious application of knowledge and skills using the 5 pillars of Aesthetic Mastery"

dr tim pearce
Aesthetics Mastery Programme Delegates with Dr Tim

5 Core Clinical Pillars



Detailed anatomy, physiology and product science which form the basis of safe effective practice.



Learn to identify and communicate the aesthetic goals of the human face as a whole, in terms of rules, ratios and principles of beauty with respect to the healthy human aesthetic.



Translating theory into practice brings together the art and science through precise technique and treatment design.  Masterful technique is a product of multiple constraints in the domains of science and the art of aesthetics.

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Like running a thread through the eye of a needle, a successful outcome is a result of precision that recognises the constraints of the physical and the potential.



Vital training that empowers clinicians to protect patients and themselves from the fall out of injuries which threaten the wellbeing of patients and their reputation.



The highest goal of the program, which aims to teach clinicians the communications skills and principles which allow them methodically consult patients in a way which grounds their interventions in achieving precise psychological transformations patients are actually seeking.

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By aiming for the most valuable outcome and learning to see when it is achievable and when it is not, clinicians will enjoy huge job satisfaction by actually improving the lives of their patients, and not intervening in those who are psychologically unlikely to benefit.

3 Core Business Domains







The 3 Core domains of Business Mastery, Innovation, Marketing and Administration are taught in parallel  so that delegates can successfully bring their skills to the market.

How is the Mastery Programme Delivered?

The programme is uniquely supported through a coaching & peer learning mentality which recognises the psychological transformation that a clinician must go on to succeed in a new speciality.

The Mastery Programme uses a combination of small group practical courses, eLearning & coaching all delivered by Dr Tim Pearce & his expert team.

Also included are designated Mentorship Days at SkinViva Training Academy, delivered directly by Dr Tim Pearce, Miranda Pearce & guest speakers.

This will all be supported via a dedicated online learning platform that you can access anywhere and on any device, allowing easy access to training materials, online learning, peer support, testing and other key areas including business and marketing modules to enable the students to fully develop their aesthetic and business skills simultaneously. We also provide technical and admin support if you ever have an questions.

What's Included

With SkinViva Training Aesthetics Mastery Programme

  • State-of-the-art learning management system
  • Unlimited support by dedicated team
  • Access to dedicated network (Facebook)

Aesthetics Mastery Programme Key Information

  • Understand how to consult patients and guide them to beautifying and restorative treatments instead of what they might mistakenly ask for.
  • Understand the rules of aesthetics that limit and guide the treatments we can provide.
  • Understand what beauty is, and the core elements of a beautiful face.
  • Able to appropriately decide on whether or not procedures would be effective.
  • Able to inject patients with the clear ability to adjust technique to reduce risk.
  • How to safely inject the face to feminise the face.
  • Able to carry out foundation & advanced skills that will restore the face with the toxin and dermal fillers.
  • Able to deal with vascular occlusions.
  • Understand the ways to reduce the chance of vascular occlusion in each procedure.
  • Understand how to promote yourself to the different submarkets in aesthetics.
  • Understand how to employ Business and Marketing skills to the advantage of your business, supporting you through the early stage business challenges to expanding & growing your business.
  • Able to take patients back to their core needs and design bespoke treatment plans from the ground up, which are exactly what the patient needs to achieve the psychological transformation they seek, and they understand exactly how that is so, before the process starts.
  • The master is not judgemental with respect to cultures different to his or her own but remains loyal to the central tenant of health care, that the intervention must be highly likely to improve the biopsychosocial function and well-being of the patient within their environment and have a low risk of achieving the opposite.
  • The master can treat all areas of the face but justifies each intervention carefully according to the risk and potential benefits and does this both from the point of view of the patient and from the objective professional standards but ultimately loyal to professional standards above all else.
  • Able to understand the most subtle aesthetic variations in both dynamic and static states, across different ethnic backgrounds, sexes and genders.
  • Able to justify every intervention across all areas of the face with a clearly articulated aesthetic goals, while also simultaneously being aware of the boundary of that intervention that would start to degrade the result away from theideal from any angle or during any dynamic expression.
  • The master develops an instinct for beauty and shows an ability to self-critique and show restraint with respect to when to intervene and when to advise no action or refer, as well as an ability to treat at the extreme ends of the spectrum when justified to do so.
  • Understand how features can be harmonised with other features and disharmonised by over treatment or inaccurate treatment. All interventions are taken with a holistic 3D view of the face in dynamic and passive views.
  • The master can take subjective descriptions such as ‘tired’ or ‘sad’ and relate them to multiple tiny aesthetic and anatomical components of the face that can be adjusted without breaking any natural proportions, thereby creating a sense of health and wellness and not unnatural results.
  • The master can identify and articulate the lack and the excess of proportion in every part of the face with reference to other parts of the face in both static and dynamic poses
  • The master can articulate the differences in beauty from different genetic backgrounds and can separate the idea of beauty from culture and so is clear when an intervention is consistent with timeless laws of beauty and when they are culturally driven.
  • The master’s technique is highly considered in every dimension in order to maximise the probability of an effective result with minimal risk. Before, during and after the process all variables are optimised. During the procedure, each dimension is optimised to minimise risk, Angle, depth, volume, number of injections, product choice, sequence, and instrument selection.
  • The master understands that risk is not assessed only on individual procedures but also over all treatments over all time. Hence small incremental reductions in risk are worth having, despite being almost inconsequential to the risk of the procedure at hand.
  • The master understands and justifies their intervention through the paradigm of the anatomical age-related changes and risk reduction.
  • The master uses a sophisticated 3D knowledge of the face to continuously adjust their technique to improve results and safety simultaneously weighing up benefits and risks with respect to the individual patient.

How is the Programme Split?

The Mastery programme is broken down into 3 sections of study and practice. However, if you have already completed some courses and treatments, you don’t have to start at the beginning – you can join at any stage, providing you meet the criteria. Simply get in touch to discuss your circumstances and eligibility to fast track through the system.

Programme Phase One

  • Access to Learning Management Platform
  • Access to all course materials, information, coaching forums, peer learning, certificates etc.
  • Foundation Course at SkinViva Training
  • Live Clinic Observation Course (1) at SkinViva Training
    • CPD Accredited
  • Starter Kit
  • eLearning Foundation course
  • eLearning emergency reversal guide – video and protocol
  • eLearning Foundation dermal filler
  • Mastercast with PDF E-book – Information for Prescribers Working with Non-Prescribers
  • Mastercast with PDF E-book – How To Work With a Prescriber
  • Mastercast with PDF E-book – Business builder course – Start on a solid footing with insurance, regulation and planning
  • Mastercast with PDF E-book – Marketing your new business – essentials guide to getting your first client, and turning an idea into a business.
  • eLearning – Essential Consultation and consent
  • PDF E-book – Document Pack – be ready to go with consultation forms, bulletproof consent forms, aftercare and advice sheets. PDF Inventory to start your practice
  • Online mentoring of key cases from SkinViva Trainers & Peer learning via the LMS
  • eLearning – Anatomy Masterclass
  • Live Clinic Observation Course (2) at SkinViva Training
    • CPD Accredited
  • Coaching from Guest Coaches including Mindset Coaching from Miranda Pearce

How long does it take to complete the Aesthetics Mastery programme?

A delegate can progress at their own speed, but we expect them to typically take approximately 18 months to complete the programme (depending on their stage of development) which encompasses the five pillars of Aesthetic Mastery and will take them from the very foundation of learning to the understanding of what it takes to Master the full face, whilst building a sustainable business.

Programme Phase Two

  • Lip Masterclass & Cannula Course at SkinViva Training
    • CPD Accredited
  • E learning LIPMASTERS online learning
  • Midface cheeks and cannula Course at SkinViva Training
    • CPD Accredited
  • Advanced BOTOX® at SkinViva Training
    • CPD Accredited
  • Mastercast with PDF E-book – Ethical Sales in Aesthetics
  • eLearning – Pathological Patient Psychology-Online
  • Mastercast with PDF E- book Advanced Marketing
  • Coaching from Guest Coaches including Mindset Coaching from Miranda Pearce
  • MENTORSHIP DAY with Dr Tim Pearce at SkinViva Training

Programme Phase Three

  • Lower face mastery – Jawline, Jowls and chin at SkinViva Training
    • CPD Accredited
  • Periorbital Masterclass – tear trough and advanced toxin at SkinViva Training
    • CPD accredited
  • Rhinoplasty Course at SkinViva Training
    • CPD Accredited
  • MENTORSHIP DAY – Treatment design Masterclass at SkinViva Training with Dr Tim Pearce
  • E-learning – Mastering Complications – Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX®)
  • E-learning – Mastering Complications – Dermal Fillers
  • E-learning – Upper, mid and lower face mastery
  • Coaching from Guest Coaches including Mindset Coaching from Miranda Pearce

Mastery Programme Testimonials

aesthetics mastery statement

"You can join the Mastery Programme at any stage in Phase 1, 2 or 3! It’s not just for beginners! You may have already completed your Foundation course and other practical training… that’s not a problem.
Call one of our team now and they will talk you through joining the programme at the point that works for you & organise a price based on previous course or eLearning experience.
Whatever stage of the journey you join… you will have access to all the in depth knowledge that comes with ALL the phases, from Business and Marketing to Mentorship and Observation days. So please call and we can tell you how this unique programme will work for you and your aesthetics career."


Cost & Payments

  • The total programme cost is £9,995
  • Deposit of £3,000 required on enrolment
  • Balance can be paid interest free in instalments*

* Payment plans are subject to a credit check. Balance can be paid by interest free Direct Debit payments (subject of a credit check) or Stripe Payments. Payments to be made over 12 months or less.

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NEW 3-stage “Mini Mastery”

Each stage can be completed within 12 months, allowing delegates to progress at a more relaxed speed than the full mastery programme which must be completed in 18 months. Join at any stage, depending on learning and experience level.

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