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SkinViva Training Manchester

Free Car Parking

Traditionally at SkinViva Training, we’re happy to offer free parking to all delegates via our underground car parking facilities.

However, due to the Covid-19 crisis we have had to withdraw the majority of our free car parking as we can’t manage the contamination risks around ‘meet & greet’ & bringing our delegates and clients through the shared communal areas between the car park and SkinViva.

We do appreciate the fact that our delegates are traveling quite some distance to attend our courses and therefore we will accommodate your parking needs if you are able to strictly abide by our new guidelines.

You must confirm your parking needs prior to your course to ensure we reserve you a car parking space for the day.

How do I confirm a car parking space?

  • All our delegates receive a pre-course text asking to confirm whether you wish to reserve a car parking space in our underground parking facilities.
  • If you do wish to park, just reply with YES and our car staff will save you a space.

Where are the parking facilities?

A few hundred metres from the clinic is the entrance to our underground parking facilities, where a member of staff will be on hand to assist you.

You must arrive at 08.30 promptly to ensure we can park ALL our delegates at one time.  If you are not on time, we may not be able to park you as we will not have the staff to accommodate the situation.

  • Parking is permit only, so you will need to wait at the entrance to the car park at 0830 to be given a permit.
  • Spaces are available on two levels. Please wait to be escorted by the car park attendant, for Health and Safety purposes.
  • Customers are not to park on the ramp, but wait for assistance on the road where the sign is located.
  • If the car park attendant is not available, please wait patiently where the SkinViva parking sign is located on the road, it’ll be likely they’re attending to another customer.
  • If however, they don’t return within a reasonable time, please call the clinic on 01618651141 option 2.
  • SkinViva parking is signposted, as seen below. The map below may also be helpful.
  • You will be escorted to SkinViva Reception via the outside road route, rather than the undercover communal route to minimise infection risks.

Address: 5 Burton Place, Ellesmere Street, Castlefield, Manchester,M15 4PT

skinviva training map

Please note, you are not to enter the car park unattended. If you do enter the car park and park without a permit you will receive a parking fine which you are liable for.

Disclaimer: all park at their own risk.

Useful information

Remember to leave plenty of time for your journey as late arrival time cannot always be honoured.

Here’s a link to the roadworks information on the Manchester.gov.uk website. http://bit.ly/2J4261A