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This course is no longer available to purchase on SkinViva Training website. Delegates who already have course access can view the content by logging in using the link below. Please feel free to contact SkinViva Training in case of any queries.

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About eLearning Lip Masters Course

Advanced Techniques in Augmentation & Restoration

The eLearning lip course (ideal for those who have already trained in lip augmentation) is aimed at building a mental model in your brain that will leave you a confident expert in lip injecting techniques.

This course covers all the basics and the key advanced injection techniques used in Aesthetics today. From microbolus techniques to cannulas, to lip tenting and combination products and techniques, every technique explained in concept and with exploded views of what is going on under the skin.

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More Information

Dr Tim Pearce explains the Lip Masters concept.

Lip Masters is different to other courses.

Dr Tim explains:

“This course is designed to attain real OUTCOMES for your expertise and success of your business.

“I want to be actively affecting your practice positively long after I’ve been paid.

“That’s why everyone who takes this course will also be invited to a secret facebook group for a period of coaching.  I want to make sure you are able to execute on what you have learned and thrive in 2018.   This course will then be added to depending on the needs of the first class of 2018 – and all of that will be yours to keep too.”

Dr Tim says:

I want to make three impacts on your business:

  1. I want you to consult your patients in a way that makes them rapidly see you as an expert rather than the packaging which comes with the filler and you feel the benefit of this.

  2. That you have a deep understanding of what is actually going on with the anatomy and the interaction with filler, so that you go way beyond one filler/one technique, and become masters of choosing the best combinations of techniques to get the result your clients want.

  3. That you have actual practical steps you can take to increase your income to your business after doing this course because that’s what I would want to be sure of if I was making an investment like this. I am going to have an impact on the two core aspects of your business – the innovation (the range of solutions you offer) and the Marketing (how you actually get new clients) which together should quickly impact on your bottom line.

Who is it For?

SkinViva Training eLearning courses are aimed at medical professionals and do not replace the need for practical face-to-face training, which this course is designed to complement. This course is not suitable for non-medical practitioners and all medical practitioners should also seek practical hands-on training first, before purchasing eLearning.

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This SkinViva Training course is fully accredited by the CPD Certification Service and equates to 3 hours online theory (no practical)