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Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine

level 7 injectables course

SkinViva Training will be offering Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine from 2017.

This course will provide official accreditation for non-surgical treatment practitioners, regulated by OFQUAL.

The course itself will be designed to provide trainees with a comprehensive grounding in the knowledge and skills required to practice popular cosmetic treatments involving BOTOX and Dermal Fillers.

Course Details: Level 7 Certificate (L7Cert) in Injectables

In development

Our Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine course is currently in development. We will add further information when available.

The course is expected to include a combination of distance/online learning and class-based sessions to learn the practical skills in a safe environment. It is likely to expected the following areas of study and experience:

Boltulinum Toxin /Botox® Theory

  • Understand the pharmacology of Botox® and be able to explain relevant concepts to patients.
  • Understand how to store, dilute and administer Botox®.
  • Understand the anatomy and vectors of the face relevant to common treatments.
  • Understand the appropriate indications for Botox®.
  • Understand how to assess the face and choose the most effective dose and injection location using our unique protocols.
  • Understand how to avoid common unpleasing results.
  • Understand how to avoid both common and rare side effects.
  • Understand how to manage side effects when they do occur.
  • Know when it is appropriate to use a combination of Botox® and dermal fillers.
  • Understand common reasons to follow up patients, and common follow up injection points.

Dermal Filler (Hyaluronic Acids) Theory

  • Understand the properties and different functions of dermal fillers.
  • Understand how to choose which dermal filler to use for greatest effect.
  • Understand important facial anatomy and integrate this into a facial assessment.
  • Understand the anatomy of the face with regards to safety, side effects reduction, efficacy and longevity of treatments.
  • Understand how to avoid but also deal with side effects, from simple allergy to the very rare but serious side effect of impending necrosis caused by arterial embolism or compression.
  • Understand how to treat localised allergic reaction to dermal fillers.
  • Understand how to manage side effects of dermal filler, including reversing a treatment safely.
  • Understand how dermal filler treatments change or persist over time to avoid over-treatment.

Practical Session

  • Establish confidence through supervised consultation, assessment and treatment of demo models with both Botox® and dermal filler.
  • Become familiar with predicting the outcome of treatments with Botox® in the three main areas of use in the upper face: crows’ feet; frown lines; and forehead lines with and without brow lifts.
  • Learn the important practical differences between ‘standard’ injections given in general medical practice and the much more skilled aesthetic injection technique.
  • Understand how to assess the face and choose the most effective quantity of Botox® or dermal filler injection using our unique protocols, covering fine lines, nose-to-mouth and mouth-to-chin lines.
  • Develop an injection technique that reduces side effects and increases predictability of results using Botox®.
  • Know the various dermal filler injection techniques and when to use them.
  • Learn to handle and prepare the injections without damaging the delicate Botox® protein.
  • See the importance of good medical photography in practise.
  • CeTAB® – 5 stage unique, proven training methodology. Empowers trainees not only to inject safely, but to successfully tackle every stage of the patient journey and business set-up with confidence; from consultation, through treatment, handling rare complications, and looking after patients for the long term
  • 4:1 trainer/trainee ratio – maximum 4 trainees to a trainer to ensure plenty of hands-on experience and individualised tuition
  • High model to delegate ratio – plenty of expertly supervised practical experience with real patients.
  • Free and exclusive access to our highly active online community for post-course support, questions and debate.
  • Unique algorithms in the theory course give you certainty when you start on your own.
  • Dedicated fully-equipped modern clinic environment and lecture room.
  • All products included.
  • Insurer-approved certificate of attendance.

Details of the level 7 course are in development. Please check back, or register for more information.

Please see below a list of competencies which we assess you against on your training course:

  1. History taking
  2. Physical examination skills/clinical judgement
  3. Demonstrates understanding of indications for treatment, A&P, procedural technique
  4. Obtains informed consent
  5. Demonstrates appropriate preoperative preparation
  6. Offers/applies appropriate analgesics
  7. Demonstrates safe delivery of proposed procedure
  8. Technical ability
  9. Aseptic technique
  10. Post procedure management
  11. Communication skills
  12. Professionalism
  13. Overall ability to perform the procedure competently

Your trainer will work with you to help you meet the required standard for each of these competencies. Delegates not able to meet one or more of the competencies will be asked to resit their training on a different date at additional cost.

Successful completion of the competencies results in a SkinViva Training certificate, which is issued at the end of your training day.

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* Payment Options – you can choose to pay a deposit of just £299 and spread the cost of your training, providing the balance is clear 3 weeks before attending the course. More about payment options.


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