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Free Dermal Filler Reversal Protocols

Step by Step Graphical Guide

Although it will hopefully not be a regular occurrence, having the necessary knowledge to be able to reverse dermal fillers well is absolutely essential for good aesthetic practitioners.

SkinViva Training’s Dr Tim Pearce has put together a graphic guide to Emergency Reversal Protocol and also Elective Reversal Protocol.

SAMPLE Emergency Reversal Protocol
SAMPLE Elective Reversal Protocol

What’s Included?

These guides include:

  1. What to look for in diagnosing blood supply compromise:
  2. How to explain the diagnosis and options to the patient
  3. Giving informed consent for reversal
  4. Preparing reversal solution (hyaluronidase)
  5. Allergy testing
  6. Reducing risk of blood clots
  7. Injecting the solution
  8. Post-injection care cycle and further actions/options

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