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How to Setup & Use Instagram To Get Clients For Your Aesthetics Business


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Video Introduction by Dr Tim Pearce

How To Setup & Grow Your Instagram – £69.99

Within the SkinViva Trainee Network (a private support network containing all the people we’ve trained at SkinViva Training), of the delegates who are rocking Instagram, they’ll tell you they get over 70% of their business through the social platform.

For anybody starting out in Medical Aesthetics, Instagram is a vital tool to gain new clients.

In this course, Miranda Pearce (SkinViva Training Director and Instagram Mindset Guru) and Justine Gribbin (SkinViva Marketing Manager and Social Media Expert) delve into how to utilise Instagram to grow your business.


Modules include:

Building An Instagram Strategy | How To Setup | What To Post | How To Use Hashtags | Instagram Stories, Live & IGTV | How To Grow Your Channel

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