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Aesthetics Mastery Programme FAQs

SkinViva Training’s Aesthetics Mastery Programme is the first of its kind. 

This uniquely comprehensive programme aims to create Master Clinicians through using

  • 5 core clinical pillars
  • 3 core business domains

This structured approach delivers the core skills and knowledge for practitioners.

5 Core Clinical Pillars:

  1. Foundation sciences
  2. Art and science of aesthetics
  3. Technique
  4. Complications Training
  5. Wellbeing

3 business domains:

  1. Business Mastery
  2. Innovation
  3. Marketing

This Mastery Programme is unique as it’s aiming beyond mere competency towards comprehensive Mastery of the subject.

It is designed to produce clinicians who make the goal of their interventions to transform, maintain and protect the wellbeing of patients, through harmonious application of knowledge and skills using the five pillars of Aesthetics Mastery.

This structure is not only of enormous benefit to those we are treating, but also holds the key to building a thriving ethical business.

“A student will feel supported and nurtured at every stage of their Mastery Journey as we lead them through a carefully constructed sequence of learning that allows them to question, develop and understand on an ongoing basis – this truly is a pathway to Mastery that cannot be accessed anywhere else”.

  • Understand how to consult patients and guide them to beautifying and restorative treatments instead of what they might mistakenly ask for.
  • Understand the rules of aesthetics that limit and guide the treatments we can provide.
  • Understand what beauty is, and the core elements of a beautiful face.
  • Able to appropriately decide on whether or not procedures would be effective.
  • Able to inject patients with the clear ability to adjust technique to reduce risk.
  • How to safely inject the face to feminise the face.
  • Able to carry out foundation & advanced skills that will restore the face with the toxin and dermal fillers.
  • Able to deal with vascular occlusions.
  • Understand the ways to reduce the chance of vascular occlusion in each procedure.
  • Understand how to promote yourself to the different submarkets in aesthetics.
  • Understand how to employ Business and Marketing skills to the advantage of your business, supporting you through the early stage business challenges to expanding & growing your business.

A delegate can progress at their own speed, but we expect them to take approximately 18 months to complete the programme (depending on their stage of development).

This encompasses the five pillars of Aesthetic Mastery and will take them from the very foundation of learning to the understanding of what it takes to Master the full face and whilst building a sustainable business.

The first Cohort started on October 28th with new Cohorts starting every 3 months.

For example: End of October / End of January / End of April / End of July and so on.

Programme Leader:

Dr Tim Pearce MB ChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP, Clinical Director, Founder of SkinViva & SkinViva Training

Dr Tim Pearce is founder and CEO of SkinViva Training and SkinViva Ltd.  He is also a qualified GP and experienced cosmetic doctor specialising in non-surgical procedures. He leads a team of 7 Cosmetic Doctors and a Dentist in his Manchester based clinic and training facility and now has over 11 years’ experience in cosmetic procedures.

He is the Mastery programme designer and lead trainer for SkinViva Training.

Dr Tim’s passion is to create a beneficial psychological transformation in patients which can only be achieved through alignment of several different skills and competencies.

He has written the Mastery Programme to really benefit those students who are committed to making a lifestyle choice around aesthetics & want to make the most of the talents they have leading to a fulfilling experience for all.

Training will also be delivered by Tim’s highly skilled training team.

The programme is designed to contribute to the LEVEL 7 Qualification so that it is easy for delegates to supplement their training and bring themselves into complete alignment with the HEE at a later date.

The practical and E-learning courses that form part of the Mastery Programme are CPD accredited.

Also, significant courses which form part of the Mastery Programme also adhere to the Level 7 standards and criteria, so they can be collated and used towards the Level 7 qualification if at some stage in the following 5 years a student would like to apply for Level 7 prior learning status.

At SkinViva Training we have become experts in helping people to apply for the ‘prior learning’ Level 7 qualification and we will continue to support Mastery students if they wish to make this part of their Mastery journey.

An individual must be a degree level qualified professional with an active professional pin and able to undertake a V300 course and become an independent prescriber.   (So, some medical professionals CANNOT undertake this course as they aren’t currently able to apply to do a V300 course).

Don’t worry, you won’t be excluded from the Mastery Programme.

We understand that people may be at different stages in their aesthetics journey, but may still want to access all the mentoring, coaching, business acumen and mastery elements this programme has to offer.

We will look at individual courses you have already completed and give you a price based on the stage of the journey you have currently reached.

It is very important to note that this programme isn’t for everyone.  It is for students who really want to master the complex but fascinating field of aesthetics and embrace all its associated benefits.

If you want to immerse yourself in this programme and truly carve out a new existence for yourself and your clients in parallel, this is the ideal journey for you.

It is the only truly comprehensive programme of its type in the UK and we will enrol students who feel fully committed and excited by every opportunity, enabling them to work diligently in all the key domain areas, opening up a world of potential to them.

This programme will support all your aesthetics aspirations, nurturing and guiding you through the process, so you feel supported at every phase.  And we don’t just want to create Aesthetics Masters, we want to start you on the pathway of becoming great Business & Marketing Masters too.

The programme is split into 3 phases of study and practice as outlined on our Aesthetics Mastery Course details page.

However, if you have already completed some courses and treatments, then you don’t have to start at the beginning – you can join at phase 2 or even phase 3, providing you meet the criteria and can provide evidence of prior completion equivalent to previous phases.

Simply get in touch to discuss your circumstances and eligibility to fast track through the system.

You can join the Mastery Programme at any stage in Phase 1, 2 or 3!  It’s not just for beginners!

You may have already completed your Foundation course and other practical training… that’s not a problem.

Call one of our team now and they will talk you through joining the programme at the point that works for you & organise a price based on previous course or  e-learning experience.

But whatever stage of the journey you join… you will have access to all the in depth knowledge that comes with ALL the phases, from Business and Marketing to Mentorship and Observation days.  So please call and we can tell you how this unique programme will work for you and your aesthetics career.

The Aesthetics Mastery Programme is application only, it shouldn’t take you long to apply, but your answers are really important to us.

Visit Aesthetics Mastery Programme Application to fill out an application form which will be forwarded to our customer service team, who will be in touch.

If you want to call to schedule an appointment to talk with our experts, please call the office on 0161 850 2491 or if they are free, they will be happy to chat with you directly and then take you through the application form.

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