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JCCP Welcomes Report on Cosmetic Procedure Ethics

July 6, 2017

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Nuffield Council on Bioethics Report

‘Cosmetic Procedures – Ethical Issues’

In a press release, the JCCP (Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners) has welcomed the findings of the Nuffield Council report into Bioethics.

The report by a team of experts and consultees has highlighted a number of ethical and practical concerns, specifically including the areas of:

The report highlights outstanding concerns raised in the Keogh report in 2013, namely:

The findings of the Nuffield Council Bioethics report strike a particular chord with the JCCP as their stated primary aim is:

“to provide a mechanism that can enable the public to clearly identify safe practitioners across all non-surgical aesthetic treatments.”

Indeed, the Nuffield Report highlights and welcomes the establishment of the JCCP and its plans for public awareness campaigns, linked to a charter mark for practitioners (Recommendation 18).

Ethical Issues

The Nuffield Report also explores ethical aspects of the industry – appearance ideals, marketing/advertising and other drivers behind the increasing demand for cosmetic procedures and ethical questions around the supply and raised a series of concerns:

Conclusions & Recommendations

The report has a series of conclusions for the industry:

  1. Implement the Keogh report recommendations in full
  2. Restrict access of under 18s to cosmetic procedures/treatments
  3. Empower consumers by providing independent, high quality information
  4. Register of practitioners who are ‘quality marked’ through membership of a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority
  5. Better control of products (Department of Health and MHRA to require evidence of safety and effectiveness)
  6. Bring forward legislation to make dermal fillers prescription-only. Until then, cosmetic practitioner insurers should restrict indemnity to FDA approved dermal fillers
  7. Extend remit of CQC to premises where invasive cosmetic procedures are carried out

Dermal Fillers – Prescription Only?

The JCCP’s press release supports the Nuffield Report’s specific recommendation (10) asking the Department of Health to bring forward stand-alone legislation to make all dermal fillers prescription only

Read the full report at

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