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Price Least Important in BOTOX/Fillers Training

May 17, 2017

botox training reviewsSkinViva Training Survey

Last week we looked at what our survey said about what’s important in choosing a training provider. 

This week we examine what factors people consider less important or relevant when they choose who to book with when embarking on BOTOX and/or dermal filler training.

Our survey asked:

Choose the LEAST important consideration to you when choosing a training provider for botulinum toxin and dermal filler procedures?

The answers in order of priority were:

Answer Choices Responses
Price of training course 34%
Post-course business support 17%
Reviews of the training provider (e.g. Google reviews) 15%
Training with people in the same/similar profession to me 14%
Getting a ‘good feel’ for the culture/ethos of the training provider 11%
Being able to get insurance 3%
Getting a formal, regulated qualification 3%
Experience of the trainer 2%
In-depth training/study materials 1%
Hands-on practical experience with real patients 0%
Post-course clinical support 0%
Small group sizes at the training centre 0%

The Importance of Price

It is good to see that people are price the least important consideration in choosing a training course. Professionals recognise that BOTOX and Dermal Filler training is not a price driven commodity but an area where receiving good quality training is far more important than saving a few pounds.

SkinViva Training are not the cheapest provider on the market, but there are reasons for that:

SkinViva Training courses are designed to be highly productive and beneficial for delegates by providing a quality experience; yet SkinViva Training is by no means the most expensive on the market.

Courses are made to be affordable to encourage anybody embarking on a career in aesthetics to invest in good training. The team behind SkinViva Training is passionate about raising standards in the industry and professional training is key to that.

MOST important considerations

See our previous article about which reveals what our survey said to be the MOST important considerations for botulinum toxin and dermal filler training.

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