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Practitioner Starter Kit

This comprehensive pack contains essential equipment for anybody setting out as a non-surgical treatments practitioner. It’s well put together with thought to every step of the consultation and delivery process.

You will find everything you need easily to hand and packaged for a professional and efficient appointment with your patient. We even supply the case, chosen to fit all the equipment perfectly and be completely portable – ideal for practitioners who visit several locations.

What’s Included:

  • Large leather look lockable briefcase. Space for a small laptop and pocket camera (not supplied).
  • Starter pack of Juvederm ultra dermal filler 3 syringes (£399) – Juvederm 3, Juvederm Smile, and Juvederm 2.
  • 1 alcohol gel for hand sterilisation.
  • 1 lightweight mirror for client to see themselves level (not looking down) to view before and after results.
  • Alcohol pre-injection swabs x 3 packs
  • Absorbent post injection swabs x 3 packs
  • 30 insulin needles for injecting botulinum toxin
  • 5 BD Microlance ‘blue needles’ for drawing-up
  • Cooler bag with 2 x water-filled ice blocks
  • Make-up pencil with built in sharpener x 2
  • Pliers for opening botulinum toxin vials.
  • 11.5 litre sharps container.
  • 0.6 litre sharps container.
  • 3 clinical waste plastic bags with adhesive strip (temporary bin).
  • 1 Container for needles/swabs.
  • Box of 100 Gloves (let us know your size- xs to xl).
  • Essential paperwork – treatment planner, consent forms, aftercare
  • Document wallet for paperwork
  • Clipboard and pen

Priced at £399 – Buy Now:

Please call 0161 850 2491 for more information, or alternatively email us at

  • Please call us to order and state your glove size.
  • Please note we are only able to sell this product to suitably qualified healthcare professionals.

Delivery Options:

  • This item is for free of charge collection only. Please contact us to arrange collection at our Manchester Training School
  • We cannot arrange a courier on your behalf. You can arrange your own courier to collect a starter kit, but we will be unable to include the 11.5ltr sharps bin due to logistics.

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