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Facial Measurement Calipers

Price: £79 +P&P

SkinViva Training’s calipers are an essential item of the Aesthetic Clinician’s equipment. 

Improving the balance between facial features is a key part of obtaining a harmonious, attractive and appealing result, as Dr Adam explains in SkinViva’s video:

Price – £79.00 - plus postage

  • UK postage £3.00
  • Ireland/Europe £13.00
  • Rest of world £16.00
Golden Ratio Facial Measurement Calipers
skinviva training calipers

Golden Ratio Calipers

This invaluable tool has been designed and specified to Dr Tim Pearce’s exacting standards in order to help our delegates carry out professional and effective consultations; and deliver outstanding results:

  • Accurately measure facial proportions
  • Calculate the ‘Golden Ratios’
  • Treat to deliver more aesthetically pleasing results
  • As used in our training sessions