Jenna Rae Carr, Via Facebook

I did a 1-2-1 lip course with Sharan and i can’t emphasise enough how great these guys are! I have attended quite a few aesthetic courses now, and this was by far the best. I’ve found a lot of courses contradict each other, one will say to do things a certain way, then another will say something completely different. Sharan answered all my questions and is really great at what she does. She explained the differences in the different types of product, and had a reason behind everything she taught me, which meant I left feeling a lot more confident and much less confused about the best way to practice!

It was £1000 for the 1-2-1 course with two models to inject, which I thought was a bargain as I have paid that for group courses where you only get to do a tiny bit of practical as 4 people will be injecting the same model!

The training network you gain access to after the training is an excellent resource when you are starting up and everything seems a little daunting. It’s full of people who are in the same position as you, or have been where you are now, and the advice and reassurance is priceless.

I will definitely attend future courses with SkinViva and would highly recommend them to anyone.