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Cadaveric Masterclass

Facial Anatomy & Vascular Complications Avoidance

SkinViva Training’s Cadaveric Masterclass Course will allow delegates to get an aesthetics-related deep understanding of anatomical structures & vascular complications.

Join us in Nottingham for a unique insight to aesthetics-related anatomy

The course objective is to give you an advanced understanding of facial anatomy in 3D therefore helping you to avoid complications and key risks relating to injectable treatments.

Delegates will attend a ONE day comprehensive & intensive course with theory & hands-on experience.

Delegates will start with a lecture being guided by a SkinViva Training aesthetics injector and trainer, discussing anatomy, vascular complications & starting to understand the challenges they face in these areas.

Practical, hands-on approach

After this theoretical introduction it will be time to ‘make theory a reality’ with a practical hands-on approach

This Masterclass will be hands-on enabling you to make complications theory a reality you can see. The delegates who have elected for this full day (0900-1800), will work in the dissection lab with specimens to really understand how injectable treatments impact key anatomical structures and can create complications.  They will work in small groups under supervision with the specimens.  The practical work will be punctuated with theory sessions following through to the 3D hands on view.

This is your chance to talk with Dr Tim Pearce about complication avoidance and an opportunity to grow towards becoming a really confident, skilful & knowledgeable injector.  Mr Mahmood, a surgeon will be able to discuss all aspects of facial anatomy and answer all those questions you’ve been considering for some time.

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Course Details


To improve & create a deep understanding of facial anatomy & vascular complications.

Course overview

  • Strongly reinforcing anatomy knowledge, covering common variations.
  • Understanding the facial aging process & implications.
  • Examining each area of the face – Zone by Zone.
  • Encouraging discussion topics such as ‘to aspirate or not’ (does it work?), cannula vs needle and why? Techniques to avoid including intra-luminal filler and also how to avoid skin necrosis.
  • Correct placement produces to avoid complications and achieve optimal results.

1 Day Masterclass

Most people will never have seen the layered prosected anatomy of the face.  Here is the opportunity to see it in 3D – zone by zone, with the aim of increasing your overall knowledge & understanding of advanced facial aesthetics.

There will be some myth dispelling around deep vs superficial injecting in certain areas and why?!  What works, zone by zone and how to avoid vascular complications.   An opportunity to watch the injecting of dyed filler in an area and then see it revealed as it is prosected.

This is a rare opportunity to be ‘hands on’. Delegates opting for our 1 day intensive theory & practical course, will be working in the dissecting lab, directly on specimens in small groups under the guidance of an injector & surgeon.

After listening to the theory & challenges for each area of the face and neck – you will then be dissecting down through the layers of skin and muscle to ‘augment theory with visual with muscle memory’ – zone by zone.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how injectable treatments impact key anatomical structures.
  • Appraise partially prosected heads area by area & prosecting & injecting through the layers
  • Appraise the difference of needle V cannula in a practical setting
  • Identify common mistakes and associated risks for the injector zone by zone.
  • Practice Hyalase preparation and placement to understand reversal of dermal filler
  • Understand how to perform nerve & orbital blocks
  • Use dyed filler to reveal impacts of injecting at key areas of the face at various depths

Pre course reading

Materials will be provided via WETRANSFER followed by a printed manual on the day.

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Cadaver Course FAQ

An expert aesthetics injector will be based in the lecture theatre with you. Meanwhile, a surgeon will be based in the lab carrying out the partial prosection of a cadaveric head to ensure the process runs smoothly when you enter the lab.

When you move into the lab, you will work in small groups with the specimens to gain ‘hands on’ experience.

Most people will never have seen the layered prosected actual anatomy and tissue in layers in different zones of the face and how there is a pattern and 3D/4D visually seeing why they have to be careful in certain zones etc.

There will be some myth dispelling around deep vs superficial injecting in certain areas and why?! Watching someone inject dyed filler in an area and then it be prosected and watch preparation and delivery of hyalase.

Yes, a certificate will be provided on successful completion of the day’s course.

Yes, the cadavers are consented for medical research purposes which includes the learning which comes from medical aesthetics training in connection with complications & risk avoidance.

All delegates will be asked to sign the Human Tissues Act to comply with all regulations.

Up to 18 students on this intensive Day course.

If you elect for this course, you will go into the lab to work on the specimens to understand how injectable treatments impact key anatomical structures and therefore understand how to prevent but also manage complications.

You will work in small groups of typically 3/4 students under supervision of a surgeon and an expert aesthetics injector.

We want to provide the right expertise from the right people.

Having a surgeon as well as an injector provides an excellent ‘combination approach’ to get the best knowledge for students in working with the specimens and being able to relate their experience and learning of anatomy to complications management in injectable treatments.

See SkinViva Training’s general eligibility criteria which applies to entry for this course on day 1.

However we will discuss with each individual their suitability for this course based on their previous experience.

A mix of ‘soft fix’ (which means lightly embalmed) and ‘fresh frozen’ heads will be used.  We can’t guarantee exactly what ratio these will be in, but we will use what is appropriate for the teaching at that time.

Approximately 5-6 specimens are used on the day for students to work in small groups to work on.

The specimens are a mixture of fresh frozen and soft fix cadaveric heads.

This is a unique & rare opportunity to clearly visualise & understand facial anatomy & structures.  It will enhance your confidence & knowledge of injecting & build your understanding of why complications occur and how you can minimise the risks, in all the facial zones.  You will embed a deep understanding of what a face really looks like and feels like, throughout it’s layers and structures.  You have the opportunity to become a safer injector which will give you the confidence to manage complications within your practice & treatments.

Reinforcement of anatomy knowledge and common variations in anatomy, leads to a better understanding of how to avoid complications

To aspirate or not?  How will this impact on potential complications?

Cannula vs Needle.  Understand their uses & benefits.

Techniques to avoid intra-luminal filler.

How to avoid skin necrosis.

Correct placement produces for optimum results.

Administration of hyalase.

Incision and drainage for infection.

Puncture and extrusion of filler bolus.

Yes, we will provide pre course reading and you will receive a hard copy of this on the day of the course, so you can add your own notes.

The course will be held at a venue in the North West.

No.  You can’t take photographs.

You will not be allowed to take any mobile devices into the lab.

Yes, lunch is included in the price of your ticket.

You will need to bring picture identification and proof of your professional registration number.

You will also need to complete a form (which will be included in your pre course reading), which agrees to abide by the Human Tissues Act.

Smart casual, but essentially comfortable clothes

You will be provided with all appropriate ‘outer wear’ for use in the dissection room.

You don’t need a lot of specific dissection experience for this course.  The heads will be partially prosected and there will be a surgeon close at hand to guide you.

There will be a consent form in your pre course reading which you need to sign and bring with you on the day.  You are not allowed to take photographs on the course.

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