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Cliff Jump Academy

Medical aesthetics can be a lonely place. For the first time in your career you’re on your own, and for many the fear of complications, client complaints, and everything that comes with running your own business can be almost overwhelming.

That’s why in March 2018 Miranda Pearce, Director at SkinViva Training and self-confessed personal development fangirl, launched a closed Facebook group, the Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors, as an oasis of positivity and inspiration.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the how popular the group has been”

“We’ve had over 1100 members joining in four short months”

“Not to mention the litany of success stories of colleagues finally being able to set aside their fears and ‘jump off the cliff’ for example finally doing that marketing video of themselves they’ve been putting off for years!”

Miranda Pearce, Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors Founder

miranda pearce

Cliff Jump Academy events

We’ve got a serious growth mindset here at the Mindset Warriors, and we know from experience how much more learning and personal change can be achieved in an immersive event environment. Our events present an exciting opportunity to:

  • Isolate what’s holding you back and causing you to procrastinate
  • Walk through the mindset tools you need to finally take action and turbo charge your business
  • An exciting and supportive environment where we will identify your ‘why’ (what’s driving you to succeed) and who your ‘best self’ really is, both of which will provide you with the motivational rocket fuel to reach for your dreams, instead of hiding your light under a bushel

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Join our closed group on Facebook to be part of the Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors movement.

You’ll find an oasis of positivity, inspiration and uplifting vibes for aesthetic clinicians and support colleagues to emotionally refuel, get motivated, and most importantly challenge our mindset in the areas of business that hold us back.