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Lips Masterclass With Cannula & Needle

Training Course Price £845

The Ultimate Lip Fillers Training Course

This comprehensive course encompasses the theory around the following areas and techniques, plus practical hands on experience in some of the techniques (model dependant):

  • Psychology – learn the common psychological needs that indicate lip treatment and how to relate the patients stories to these needs. We also review how to decline treatment when it is less likely to lead to psychological wellbeing for the patient
  • Science, anatomy and product – understanding the anatomy of the lip tissues we are emulating or modifying with restoration and augmentation in order to establish the most suitable product for creating definition, volume, stabilisation and surface quality
  • Aesthetics – explanation of what constitutes the ideal lip shape, the impact of ageing and the difference for male and female patients – drawing out the aesthetic indications for lip augmentation
  • Technique – detailed study of the best way in which to create volumisation and definition, correcting signs of ageing. Where to use cannula and where a needle is more appropriate. Use of toxin as well a dermal fillers to adjust shaping
  • Complications – outlining the potential complications, diagnosis and treatment
  • Practical sessions – there will be 5 live models on the day

Course details

We will aim to discuss all the techniques often used in Lip treatments:

  • 4mm Lips & Minimal trauma augmentation
    Safe and predictable injecting techniques for lips using 4mm needle
  • Lip Tenting Technique
    The goal of this technique is to control both shape and volume of the lip during the procedure, lifting the white roll to optimize the canine arc projection
  • Cannula in each section
    Microcannulas are specifically useful in sensitive and tender areas of the face where bruising is more common, and injection can be more uncomfortable. Good cannula technique should reduce the amount of trauma to the lip, resulting in less swelling and risk of bruising.
  • Cupids bow
    As we age, loss of volume in the lip can reduce its definition, so that a previously well-shaped Cupid’s bow can become flattened. Good injection techniques can recreate the shape by addition of filler just within the vermillion of the lip below the skin vermillion border.
  • Russian Lips
    Perfect for clients who are looking for those high impact full volume results.
  • Keyhole
    The pout lip injection involves using a string while injecting to create a small gap between the top and bottom lip, giving a pouty look.
  • Heart-Shaped
    The Heart Lips™ technique was developed by Professor Bob Khanna and provides a more specific shape than normal lip filler treatments through use of more skilled injection techniques.
  • Voluptuous Lips
    There is no one technique to create voluptuous lips, as the best approach must be defined by the patient’s unique anatomy, the injection technique applied and the type and amount of filler used.

There will be 5 live models on the day and the practical demonstrations/injecting of any techniques will be dependant on their needs.  We cannot guarantee which techniques you will be able to perform until the models have been consulted & assessed face to face.

CPD Member LogoCPD Accreditation

This SkinViva Training course is fully accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

Awaiting Accreditation

This course equates to the following CPD hours/points:

  • TBC hours practical
  • TBC hours theory
  • SkinViva Training Academy’s holistic approach empowers trainees not only to inject safely, but also considers wider issues such as the patient journey and business issues. Delegates leave with confidence to look after patients for the long term
  • Free and exclusive access to our highly active online community for post-course support, questions and debate.
  • High model to delegate ratio – plenty of expertly supervised practical experience with real patients.
  • 5:1 trainer/trainee ratio – maximum 5 trainees to a trainer to ensure the quality of hands-on experience and individualised tuition
  • Unique algorithms in the theory course give you certainty when you start on your own.
  • Dedicated fully-equipped modern clinic environment.
  • Products, models and lunch all provided
  • Insurer-approved certificate of attendance.

A typical course schedule is provided below (please note some course dates may start at varying times)

  • 8.30 am – registration
  • 9.00 am – start
  • Introduction
  • Theory review
  • Practical x 2 models
  • Lunch
  • Practical x 3 models
  • Review
  • 5.30pm – Certification and finish

Previous dermal filler experience post relevant training is required for this advanced course, where a honed injection technique and a lot of precision are required.

As a guide, we suggest a minimum of 15-20 lip treatments should be completed before attending our Lips Masterclass course.

If you are unsure whether you meet this criteria, please call us on 0161 850 2491 before booking.

Please see below a list of criteria which we assess you against on your training course:

  1. History taking
  2. Physical examination skills/clinical judgement
  3. Demonstrates understanding of indications for treatment, A&P, procedural technique
  4. Obtains informed consent
  5. Demonstrates appropriate preoperative preparation
  6. Offers/applies appropriate analgesics
  7. Demonstrates safe delivery of proposed procedure
  8. Technical ability
  9. Aseptic technique
  10. Post procedure management
  11. Communication skills
  12. Professionalism
  13. Overall ability to perform the procedure competently

Your trainer will work with you to help you meet the required standard for each of these criteria. Delegates not able to meet one or more of the criteria will be asked to resit their training on a different date at an additional cost.

Successful completion of the criteria results in a SkinViva Training certificate, which is issued at the end of your training day.

Upcoming Dates - Lips Masterclass Course

03 May

Lips Masterclass with Cannula & Needle – Friday 3rd May 2024

May 3, 2024 SkinViva Training Academy, St John's Court, 19B Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3HN £845.00 or £281.67 / month for 3 months Fully booked Aesthetic Clinician Courses, Lips Masterclass, Multibuy - Clinical
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10 June

Lips Masterclass with Cannula & Needle – Monday 10th June 2024

June 10, 2024 SkinViva Training Academy, St John's Court, 19B Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3HN £845.00 or £281.67 / month for 3 months 3 places available Aesthetic Clinician Courses, Lips Masterclass, Multibuy - Clinical
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